Geek Hoodies is Now GeekLanded…

Hey there! We’re Marshall & Jon…

We’re two best friends that start and build great brands together. You may have heard of some of our work such as Emoji Masks, Peel, Primary Goods, and Minimums.

We mostly start and build things of our own… but sometimes we look to acquire other brands to make them better.

GeekHoodies was a brand we recently came across. We decided to acquire it from the original founders. The plan was to improve the business and add new products.

However, as we took things over we were displeased with the foundation the original founders had built. Without throwing anyone under the bus… let’s just say Geek Hoodies had its problems. We read through all the feedback we could get our hands on from previous customers and took it to heart.

For a variety of reasons, we’ve decided to retire the previous product range, and re-launch the business under a brand that isn’t just limited to hoodies.

Most importantly, you’re going to see some big changes around here now that things are under new management. We like to think we have a very high bar for quality and fun.

This brings us to, where you are right now!

We’ve got some great product ideas brewing (stay tuned) – but in the meantime, we wanna do something really fun…

To kick things off, we’re going to be partnering up with other awesome geek and gamer brands and putting together epic, exclusive deals that only you guys can access.

We know, we know… the term “geek” and “gamer” are so overused… but you know what we mean ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sometimes the deals will be time-limited, and other times they might be part of a contest, etc.

But they’ll always be awesome – and not available anywhere else.

We’re really excited about this – and to make sure you are as well, in the next few days here we’ll be running a little survey to find out what excites you… and from there, put together the most epic deals possible.

So, look out for more from us very soon!


~ M & J

P.S. While we’re maybe not the biggest gamers… we do have desks made out of airplane wings at the office, which hopefully suffices in terms of geek cred 🙂